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Seal on the washer dryer door is damaged


  • Seal on the washer dryer door is loose, damaged or deformed
  • Seal on the washer dryer door is twisted and leaking
Applies to:
  • Washer dryer (integrated and freestanding)

1. Contact an Authorized Service Centre

If the door seal is loose, damaged or deformed we recommend requesting a visit by a service engineer to replace the seal.


1. Damage to the washing machine / washer dryer door seal is normally caused by overloading the machine or catching the laundry between the seal and the door pane at the start of a wash cycle.

2. Washing fabrics which are heavily soiled with oil, grease or other greasy substances can damage rubber parts of the appliance. Prewash such fabrics by hand before loading them into the washing machine / washer dryer.