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Washing machine does not spin


If the washing machine does not spin, refer to the suggestions below for step by step instructions.
Possible imbalance:
  • When the washing machine will not spin, this may not be due to a fault on the machine. It may be due to the electronic balance check.
  • The electronic balance check ensures that the clothing is balanced inside the washing machine before the appliance starts to spin. This prevents your washing machine from being subjected to uneven loads, which can damage the machine.
  • The electronic balance check also means that your washing machine will not be able to spin a single garment or a few garments because it is unable to balance the machine. If the imbalance exceeds 0.5 kg, the spin function will not operate.
  • In the case of a single garment or a few garments, there will be nothing wrong with the washing machine. You can work around the problem by placing a few towels in the washing machine. Towels help the washing machine to balance the load and spin.
  • You can test your machine by spinning with an empty drum (without any garments). If this works, the machine is working properly.
  • Overloading the machine can also cause the machine not to spin.

If none of the above suggestions resolve the problem, we recommend contacting an Authorized Service Center.

Rinse hold selected:
  • If rinse hold is selected, the washing machine does not spin at the end of the cycle. If there is water in the machine after washing, select and start a pumping cycle.
  • If the appliance has not been installed so that it is level, it may cause the machine not to spin. To level the appliance, adjust the appliance’s feet and check it with a spirit level.
Unstable base:
  • If the base on which the machine is placed is unstable, e.g. a wooden floor (not a solid level base), it may cause the machine not to spin. If the base is not level or firm, movements may occur in the machine which prevent it from balancing itself.
Dirty filter:
  • If the drainage does not function properly, it may cause the machine not to spin. Clean the drain filter and the pump blade (if the pump blade is visible, turn it using a pencil and remove any fluff or foreign objects). Then refit the filter and start a hot wash without any soap to clean the machine. Check if the drain hose is set at the proper height (min. 60 cm – max. 90 cm) and if it is not put too far down into the drain (max. 10 cm).

To help you determine the exact nature of the problem, we recommend a visit by one of our authorized engineers to check the appliance and fix the problem.

When contacting us, please have the following information to hand. You will find this information on the manufacturer’s data plate:

Data plate with model number, product number/PNC, ELC and serial number:

  1. Model number
  2. Product number (PNC)
  3. ELC number
  4. Serial number

Where will I find the data plate on my product?   

NOTE: Depending on the problem, you may be charged for a service visit by an engineer, even during the warranty period.

Warning: We do not recommend using the product until the problem has been completely fixed. Unplug the product and do not plug it in again until you are certain that it is OK to do so.