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Rust on washing machine's drum


The reason for rust on the drum is that foreign objects made of iron have been in the machine and created a coating of rust.

  • If this is rust film, you can clean your machine with a suitable agent for removing rust. Agents which can be used to remove rust are e.g. citric acid powder, machine cleaner, hob cleaner or steel polish.
  • If there has been any metal in the machine, which has been spun round and scratched through the surface of the drum, this unfortunately cannot be removed and the drum must be replaced.

Important: The above causes are not covered by warranty.

Rust on the drum can be avoided by following the instructions in the user manual. 

  • Ensure you remove all metal items from your laundry.
  • Button up cushion covers, close zips, attach hooks, and lock snap fasteners. Do up belts.
  • Empty pockets and unfold clothing.
  • Use a laundry bag to wash small and / or delicate items (e.g. underwired bras, belts).