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LED flashes on the washing machine's display


If a LED flashes on the washing machine's display, it may indicate that the door is open or the start button hasn’t been pressed.
  • Try this first. An error message which is usually displayed, is explained in details in the user manual. 
  • You can download digital version HERE

Warning: Do not use the appliance until the problem is identified. Disconnect the power to the appliance and make sure that no one in the house reconnects the power or tries to use the appliance before it has been repaired.

If the problem persists, follow the steps below:

Some types of alarm may occur on the display:

The alarms appear with the flashing red indicator light in the START/PAUSE button and, at the same time, on the display.


The alarms displayed are listed below:

  • E10 – Water fill problems (the tap is closed).
  • E20 – Draining problems (the filter is dirty).
  • E40 – Problems with the door (is the door open?).

These alarms may be indicated by a flashing red LED in the START/PAUSE button and with a single or several LEDs.

These alarms (for both versions) can be resolved immediately.


The following alarms (for both versions) cannot be resolved immediately.

  • EF0 – Water leakage (Aqua Control system).
  • EH0 – Connection voltage or frequency is outside the normal values.

These alarms are displayed to the user, but technical assistance may be required to resolve them.

If the above suggestions do not solve the issue, we recommend requesting a visit by a service engineer.

To help you determine the exact nature of the problem, we recommend a visit by one of our authorized engineers to check the appliance and fix the problem.

When contacting us, please have the following information to hand. You will find this information on the manufacturer’s data plate:

Data plate with model number, product number/PNC, ELC and serial number:

  1. Model number
  2. Product number (PNC)
  3. ELC number
  4. Serial number

Where will I find the data plate on my product?   

NOTE: Depending on the problem, you may be charged for a service visit by an engineer, even during the warranty period.

Warning: We do not recommend using the product until the problem has been completely fixed. Unplug the product and do not plug it in again until you are certain that it is OK to do so.