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Foam and soap powder residue in washing machine


If there is foam and soap powder residue in washing machine, refer to the suggestions below for step by step instructions.


The reason for foam in the washing machine is soap or another agent that has got into the machine.

  • Foam is not a malfunction in your washing machine.  

When your washing machine foams a lot, this may be due to:

  • Adding too much soap
  • A build up of soap powder residue in the machine caused by a adding too much soap and wash at low temperature.
  • Capacity of the soap to prevent foam – soap type
  • Washing the fabric with soap powder residue, e.g. cleaning rags with dishwashing detergent and similar

What you can do:

  • Clean the machine – run repeated washes at the highest temperature without soap, until it does not produce any more foam.
  • Clean the machine with washing machine cleaner. You may need to do this several times.
  • Carefully follow the soap powder manufacturer’s instructions on dosing
  • Wash using a different brand of soap
  • Run a boil wash regularly
  • Use the extra rinse function
  • Use cycles intended for the type of clothing

You may consider contacting the soap manufacturer for further advice and instructions for using the soap.

Foam in the washing machine is obviously not covered by warranty, as it is not a machine fault.

Examples of foam formation: