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Fluff / lint on laundry after removing from washing machine


If there is fluff / on laundry, refer to the suggestions below for step by step instructions.
Fluff in the fabric:
  • A washer dryer is a washing machine combined  with tumble dryer, and these machines cannot have a separate fluff filter for drying. (except the case of washer dryers with a heat pump).
  • In these machines, there may be a risk of fluff on the clothing after drying, but this can be minimized by regularly cleaning the appliance, using a cleaning cycle and being aware of the color of the clothing you want to wash and/or dry.
  • During the washing and/or drying phase, some types of fabric release fluff. (e.g. new facecloth, woolen articles, sweatshirts, towels etc.) 
  • The fluff that is released can stick to your clothes during the next wash.
  • To prevent fluff in your laundry, we recommend that you:
    • Do not wash dark fabrics after you have washed and dried light fabrics, and vice versa. (e.g. new facecloth, woolen garments, sweatshirts, towels or fabrics that release a lot of fluff) 
    • We recommend that you air-dry these types of fabric after you have washed them the first few times. (e.g. new facecloth, woolen articles, sweatshirts, towels etc.)
    • Regularly clean the fluff filter
    • Clean the empty drum, door seal and door with a damp cloth after each drying cycle. (Especially around the upper part of the door and the door seal)
Avoiding or removing fluff from your clothing:
  • If your clothes still have any fluff on them afterwards, you can remove it with a fluff remover.
  • Using too much soap can sometimes produce a fluff-like appearance on the surface of fabrics. You should therefore always add the right amount of detergent in accordance with the detergent manufacturer’s instructions.
  • You should also remember not to overfill the drum when using the dryer. See the drying cycle table for maximum loads for drying cycles in your user manual.
  • Some machines have a built-in cleaning cycle which can be used to remove and prevent fluff on the laundry. The cleaning cycle is used after drying and before the next clothes wash. See your user manual for how to remove or minimize the fluff in your machine.