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Different colors of washing machine and tumble dryer


Information on color variations:
  • We have a carefully specified color standards for all our factories.nnn
  • Every factory must take paint samples each week and laboratory control tests are performed to ensure the color meets our standards.
  • There is only one white color used by all factories.
Why color variations occur:
  • We know from experience that two products with a rounded front, for example, that are stood next to one another or one on top of the other can, depending on lighting from lamps, spotlights, windows, etc., appear as though one product is white and the other yellowish/grey in color.
  • As soon as you switch the products over, the product that previously appeared white suddenly looks yellowish/grey and vice versa. This is due to the rounded fronts, which, depending on lighting, can cast “shadows” on neighboring products.
  • In these situations, it will also appear as though all plastic parts of the front have the same color variation.
  • You can check whether there is color variation by placing the machines outside in daylight.
  • Products that are unpacked in the shop may change color over time compared with a product in cardboard box or a product that has stood in the shop only for a few days.

Important: The above is not covered by product warranty.