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Vacuum sealer does not seal the pouch correctly


  • The pouch is not sealed correctly
  • Final vacuum is poor
Applies to
  • Vacuum sealer

1. Flip the edge of the bag before adding food. After filling, fold the edge of the bag back so the bag edge remains clean.

2. Change the sealing time and vacuum level according to user manual

You can download user manual here

3. Place the pouch correctly on the sealing bar.

4. Clean the cover gasket with soft cloth and mild detergent.

5. If the heater does not start, reset the appliance by briefly pressing the switch below the drawer (as shown on picture below).


6. Contact an Authorized Service Centre if:

  • The cover gasket is worn or damaged
  • The sealing bar is worn (the Teflon coating is burnt).
  • The blade placed under the Teflon of the sealing bar is broken


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