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Temperature on the oven's display differs from the measured temperature


For all our ovens equipped with a display for the temperature, the deviation of the actual temperature is only a few degrees Celsius.

  • If larger deviations are detected with an external thermometer, this can be due to the measuring method.

Measuring method factors of influence are:

  • The position at which the temperature was measured
  • The time at which the temperature was measured
  • The type and accuracy of the thermometer.
  • In order to be able to assess whether a fault is present on the appliance, we recommend that you observe the instructions for use of the oven or cooker when preparing the food. (If you do not have your user manual, refer to Where can I find the user manual for my appliance?).
  • If the problem persists, we recommend requesting a visit by a service engineer.

You can request a visit by one of our engineers by clicking on the link below.