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Oven displays demo - VCU


If the oven displays demo - Omega, refer to the suggestions below for step by step instructions.

15.1 – Demo Mode in "VCU Vision" User Interface:

Activating / disabling the demo function:



  1. Press the On / Off button from OFF mode for at least 5 seconds until the oven comes on AND switches off again.
  • Use button no. 2 in the figure.


The display changes to standby mode for 5 seconds (the alarm sounds). 

  1. Release the On / Off button and then quickly press buttons 4 & 10 simultaneously and hold them down for two seconds. 

  1. The alarm sounds (3 x signal) and 
  • Demo mode is active if DEMO is displayed in the top left corner of the display. 
  • Demo mode is not active if there is no indication in the top left corner of the frame (see Fig. 47)