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Oven displays demo - Hexagon


If the oven displays demo - Hexagon, check whether the temperature knob is spring-actuated or whether it can turn all the way round.

If the knob can turn all the way round. 

Follow these instructions:

  • When the oven is switched off, press the “+” button until the first numbers change to a ”2”.
  • Use the clock button to change to the next digits and press “+” until the next digits are ”4”.
  • Repeat the procedure until “2468” appears on the display and press on the ”clock” to confirm.
  • Demo video.
If it is spring-actuated.

15.3 – Demo Mode in Hexagon User Interface:

 Enabling/disabling demo mode:

  1. Press the “+” button (STEP 1) until you hear a beep. Then press the program selector for the first oven mode (STEP 2) (see Figure 52).
  1. The “DEMO” indicator will start to flash, and the knob should then be returned to “0” (STEP 3) (see Figure 53).

  1. Release the “+” button and turn the temperature selector to the right until you hear a beep (STEP 4).

The alarm will sound (3 x beep) and:

If demo mode is enabled:

  • Demo mode is indicated by the “Demo” icon if the oven is in demo mode (see Figures 53 and 54).

If demo mode is disabled:

  • The “Demo” icon will not be displayed if the oven is switched on.
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