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Oven displays demo - Avantgarde PCB


Demo Mode in Avantgarde PCB User Interface:
  1. Switch on the power on the oven and set the language and time.
  2. When the oven’s display is off (the clock displays the time), hold the on/off button for 3–4 seconds. The display will turn on and off again.
  3. Within 2 seconds, hold the timer/cooking thermometer button and the (minus) button for 3–4 seconds. 2 beeps will sound.
  4. Switch on the oven. A small clock symbol will be shown on the right side of the display. This indicates that the oven is connected to the demo function.
  5. The display can now be used, without starting the oven.

Take the oven out of demo mode by following the above section 2 and 3.

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