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SenseBoil indicators blink on induction hob


  • SenseBoil® indicators blink
  • SenseBoil® function does not work
  • Cannot activate the SenseBoil® function
  • How to use the SenseBoil® function?
Applies to:
  • induction hobs with SenseBoil® function

1. Make sure surface of hob is dry

2. Finish previous cooking activities or choose a free cooking zone without any residual heat.

If all cooking zones are already in use or there is some residual heat on all of them, the hob emits a beep sound, the SenseBoil® indicators blink and the function does not start.

3. Select a cooking zone within 5 seconds of activating the SenseBoil® function

4. If the above advice does not work, check and change power limitation settings on the hob

Refer to the full description available in the user manual supplied with the appliance.

CAUTION: Make sure that the selected power fits the house installation fuse. Technical help is recommended. 


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