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Hot plate display flashes between two figures / power control and power management


When the hot plate switches between two figures, one figure is the selected power setting (the highest) and the other is the power setting the hot plate is limited to.

  • This functionality is built into the electronics to protect the household circuits from overloading.
  • The hot plate monitors the load for both the right and left side, turning itself off if necessary.
  • Each phase has a maximum electrical load of 2400 W.
  • The function distributes the power between the cooking zones that are connected to the same phase.
  • The function is activated when the total electrical load for the cooking zones connected to a single phase exceeds 2400 W.
  • The function reduces the power to the other cooking zones connected to the same phase.
  • This is perfectly normal and does not usually require contacting Authorized Service Center.
  • The cooking zones are grouped according to the number of phases connected to the hot plate. See the picture.